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Where is everybody?

A rare "quiet" weekday afternoon in the ballroom as our beautiful Miss Amy teaches.  Where folks are is the Heart of America Dancesport Competition -- both watching and competing--which Amy did Wednesday.  TEAH student Janett Vale will be dancing competitions tomorrow (Friday) morning with both Ian and Perry.  From the heat listings, it looks like Perry will never stop dancing ... but we already knew that, right?  Saturday night a group from TEAH will be attending to watch the final Pro/Am competition and the Pros only compete.  If you are interested in attending, please use the link above to contact HOA directly.

Before Saturday night comes .... yes, Friday Night!  Our weekly Friday Night Party is definitely on. After watching everyone else dance we know you will be itching to get out there on the floor ... so come on down!  

Group Class at 8, Party begins at 8:45.  No charge for Members,  $15 per person for Group Class and Party; $10 per person for Party only.  Beverages are provided (hard and soft).