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This and that before the Holiday ...

ballroom dance studio overland park thanksgiving

In thinking "Merry" shouldn't be limited to one day of the year, we wish you all a Merry Thanksgiving!  We hope your time is filled with the happiest of all things, whether it be food, family, friends, pets, Plaza Lights --even Black Friday if that makes you merry.

Be sure to check our Dance Calendar for a listing of Classes, Events, etc.  On that note, we remind you the Studio will be closed Thanksgiving (Thursday) and the day after (Friday).  Lots of exciting things coming so stay tuned.

If you've explored this new website hopefully are checking out the photo galleries under the Media link.  You may also be wondering about photos from numerous events that are not there .... yet.  We have literally hundreds and hundreds of photos from the beginning of October to date.  The challenge is to get them edited and grouped into "albums" that run smoothly on the site.  Medal Ball alone has around 200 usable photos, so thank you for your patience, they are coming!

Also new to this site will be the ability to purchase Gift Certificates, Introductory Dance Packages, special event tickets/reservations all via the security of PayPal.  We are very excited about these things, and many more, to come.  Thank you for being a part of making it happen!